Stats Processing Delayed

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It's currently 8:15 PM EST on Dec. 30th and we're experiencing a delay in receiving logs from our CDN provider so stats processing is roughly 12 hours behind schedule. There…

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Happy Holidays

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your business and wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Due to the holidays please be…

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Thanksgiving Weekend

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up tomorrow we wanted to wish all of our customers a Happy Thanksgiving. We want to take this opportunity to let you know that with…

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Flash Player Issues

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We are aware of an issue with the Flash Player and embed codes not functioning correctly at this time.  We're investigating the issue and will update this post when the…

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FTP Server Maintenance

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We will be performing maintenance on our FTP server tomorrow November 17th in the morning at approximately 9:30AM EST.  We are setting aside a two hour window for this but…

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Uploads Temporarily Disabled

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Due to a disruption of service with our CDN, uploads via the Web and FTP are temporarily being disabled  until the CDN rectifies the problem within their datacenter.We are working…

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Libsyn Beta Program

Libsyn is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Libsyn Beta Program. Libsyn is looking for people to help test it's next new features.  Libsyn Beta program users will get…

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Stats Processing Delay

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We're currently experiencing a delay in stats processing due to an issue with our CDN not providing us any raw logs from roughly 10:30 PM EST last night up until…

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FTP Offline

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We've have to take FTP offline to do some unexpected maintenance - we will update this post when it's back up. UPDATE - 10:40AM EST - FTP is back online…

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Assets Not Loading for Some Users

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We're getting reports of assets not loading for some users and we've been able to replicate this issue ourselves.  It does not appear to be affecting all users so it…

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FTP Maintenance

We'll be doing some maintenance on the FTP systems at approximately 1PM EST today.  This will cause a very brief downtime in the FTP server during which users won't be…

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Brief Interruption of Service

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This morning while performing regularly scheduled updates on our servers there was a brief content delivery outage.  This was an unintended outage and our developers worked immediately to resolve the…

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System Issues

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We are currently experiencing an extremely high and unusual load on our web-engines (the systems that generate feeds and blogs) - we have put the system into maintenance mode while we…

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Stats Maintenance Monday 5/16 8AM EST

On Monday May 16th starting at 8AM we will maintenance on the stats system.  This maintenance includes some pretty serious hardware upgrades to the two key statistics systems we have - reporting…

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