Stats processing will be paused starting at approx:  8AM today.  Stats reporting will still be available, you just won’t see stats update until we turn processing back on.  We will update this post when stats processing has been turned back on.

UPDATE – 3/6 – 9AM EST – Stats processing is still paused, we expect them to be running again sometime on Monday.  

UPDATE – 3/7 – 2:30PM EST – Stats processing has been turned back on and will get caught up within the next few days.

UPDATE – 3/8 – 9:30PM EST – Stats processing is still catching up, it’s just about through numbers from the 7th.  We expect it to be fully caught up sometime tomorrow.

UPDATE – 3/10 – 9:30AM EST – We ran into some issues yesterday with some corrupted log files that really clogged up the processing, so unfortunately stats processing is still running behind.

UPDATE – 3/12 – 12:00PM EST – Stats processing has caught up and is now running normally.