We have received numerous reports of recent episodes not showing the episode level description in the Apple Podcasts store. This issue has been investigated from our end, and we have found the issue to surround podcasts posted over the last week and which are both Libsyn and non-Libsyn hosted.


In these instances, the description appears normally in all destinations (Apps, the Feed, Blogs, etc) and is shown when the feed is subscribed to (via Apple Podcasts or otherwise), but does not appear in the Apple Podcasts store itself.


At this time we believe this to be isolated to Apple Podcasts. We are attempting to contact Apple Podcasts, but recommend podcasters do the same.


UPDATE: We have heard back from Apple Podcasts regarding this issue and they have acknowledged this being a problem on their end which they are actively working to rectify.


UPDATE 3/24/11 6:30pm EST:   We believe that the issue on Apple Podcasts’ end has addressed, and all episode-level descriptions should be appearing.  If you have any questions, please email [email protected]