We are currently experiencing a delay receiving raw logs from our CDN, which has stopped stats processing.  Check back for an update as soon as we find out when log delivery will be restored.

UPDATE: [1730 Eastern] CDN technicians have been looking into the problem since early this morning.  We are still waiting to hear back from them about log delivery being restored.

UPDATE: [1820 Eastern] Our CDN has informed us that the issue was related to a hardware failure.  They have restored logs from yesterday and today from an unaffected backup system and we are in the process of downloading these logs.  Processing should commence within the next hour.  Over the next day, stats will be backfilling and will be caught up as soon as possible.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.  If there are any changes, we will update this post.

UPDATE: [5/6/11 – 9AM EST] Stats processing caught up overnight and is functioning normally again.