On Monday May 16th starting at 8AM we will maintenance on the stats system.  This maintenance includes some pretty serious hardware upgrades to the two key statistics systems we have – reporting and processing.  The first part of this maintenance will affect stats reporting – so you’ll likely see red error boxes when trying to view your stats.  We expect this part to last at most 15 minutes.  The majority of the work is to the stats processing system – this will cause stats processing to be paused for up 8 hours.

We will update this post throughout the maintenance period – noting when stats reporting is back on and then again when stats processing has been restarted and finally when stats processing is all caught up.

UPDATE – MAY 16 – 8AM EST – Maintenance window is beginning – stats reporting will be the first thing affected, you will see red error messages in the stats dashboard for roughly 15-20 minutes.

UPDATE – MAY 16 – 8:15AM EST – Stats reporting is back on and starts processing is now paused – it will be paused for up to 8 hours.

UPDATE – MAY 16 – 4:45PM EST – Stats processing is being turned back on – we will be watching it carefully and will make another post after processing gets caught up.

UPDATE – MAY 16 – 11:30PM EST – Stats processing is progressing well and we except them to be fully caught up sometime overnight.