In a continued effort to improve the reliability and speed of our services we are going to be moving all Libsyn user assets on to the same fast content delivery network that all our media files are currently served from.  The content delivery network we use has 20 locations across the globe to deliver your content from.  Serving your assets from this will allow them to be downloaded at blazing fast speeds just like your media files.  This will speed up page loads on any site where you use the images, whether your own external site/feed or the Libsyn webpage and feed.

To complete the last steps of this move we need to put the Libsyn system into maintenance mode and disable FTP access.  We have scheduled this maintenance for tomorrow, Tuesday July 19th.  It will begin at 8AM when the system will go into maintenance mode and FTP will be disabled.  As usual during these times your Libsyn webpage, feed and media files will continue to serve without interruption.  We are giving ourselves a 1 hour window to complete the work so the expected completion time is 9AM.

We will update this post when the work begins and again when it is completed.


7/19/11 – 8AM EST – We have started work on the maintenance.

UPDATE: 8:40AM EST – You might see images not loading for a few minutes while the final changes propagate through our system.

UPDATE: 8:55AM EST – All maintenance work is completed we are turning the publishing app and FTP back on.  Thanks for your patience.


Thank You

-Team Libsyn