It’s currently 8:15 PM EST on Dec. 30th and we’re experiencing a delay in receiving logs from our CDN provider so stats processing is roughly 12 hours behind schedule. There is actually a very large batch of logs being downloaded right now and they will get processed once the download finishes. Stats should get caught up sometime early in the morning tomorrow.

UPDATE 12 AM EST 12/31/11 – We’ve finished processing the large batch of log files that we received but we are still several hours behind. We are again waiting for additional logs to become available but it appears there is still a delay on our providers end in making the logs available to us.

UPDATE 7:30 AM EST 12/31/11 – We just received word from our provider that they were doing maintenance on the log system and things have finally caught up on their end. We are just now seeing another very large batch of logs become available. The download of those logs has finished and we are processing them now.

UPDATE 12:00 PM EST 12/31/11 – Stats processing is currently caught back up at this time and we are receiving logs on a more regular basis from our provider now.