March 20, 2012 – 9:45AM EST -You may have noticed that your stats haven’t updated since the 19th and you may notice that the “last updated” time stamp on the stats keeps changing and going backwards. Last week we became aware of a possible situation where we were missing logs from our CDN providers UK location. We began working with them and they were able to retrieve this missing data from their systems. Yesterday afternoon they gave us the missing data and we began processing it. We ran into a few issues processing the data and that set the processing back by quite a few hours. The missing data covers the following dates: March 8th – 15th. You can expect to see your numbers across those dates increase depending on how many of your downloads comes from the UK.

UPDATE – 10:00AM EST – At this point the backlog of the missing data is finished processing and we are now working through the remaining logs from the 19th and starting on the logs from today the 20th.