We’ll be making some changes to our stats system this weekend, you can find more information behind the reasons for the changes here:  http://imake.libsyn.com/libsyn-stats-are-changing-for-the-better.  This maintenance window will last approximately 12 hours on Saturday March, 31st from 12PM – 12AM on Sunday April, 1st.  Beginning at 12PM on Saturday stats processing will be stopped.  You’ll still have access to your existing stats but no new data will be processed until the maintenance window is completed.  During this 12 hour window will be converting the existing data into the new format and structures needed by the new stats processing system.

Once the maintenance has been completed we will turn processing back on and will be keeping a close eye on it to make sure it’s running smoothly.  The new system does process the raw data quite a bit faster than the old one so we expect the stats to get caught up much quicker than they have in the past.

We’ll update this post on Saturday once the maintenance begins and will keep updating it throughout the day until the work is completed.

UPDATE:  March 31st 12PM EST – We’ve started doing the stats maintenance so at this time stats processing is paused and will be paused until this maintenance is completed.

UPDATE:  March 31st 6:30PM EST – The stats maintenance is progressing well, we’re actually about an hour or two ahead of schedule.

UPDATE:  March 31st 8:30PM EST – The stats maintenance has been completed.  We’ve been running on the new stats back-end for roughly 30 minutes now and we’ve yet to see any issues.  The stats processing is already caught up and you should notice greatly improved speeds when using the Statistics module in the Libsyn Dashboard.