We’ll be doing some work on our database servers tomorrow (October 18th) morning, we’ve set aside a 1 hour maintenance window from 10AM – 11AM EST to complete the work. During this time the publishing system will be in maintenance mode and ftp uploads will be disabled. All other systems including media downloads, rss feeds and web pages will continue to function as normal. We’ll update this post when the work begins and then again once the work has been completed.

UPDATE October 18th – 10 AM EST – We’ve begun the maintenance window and will update this post when we’ve finished the work.

UPDATE October 18th – 10:50 AM EST – Work is almost done – we’ll need to put the system into maintenance mode now for this last part. This will take publishing and ftp uploads off-line the rest of the system will continue to run normally.

UPDATE October 18th – 11:20 AM EST – The work is completed – we were able to keep the system out of maintenance mode for much of the work. Thanks for your patience.