We’ve released a preview of the Libsyn4 Beta to get some early feedback and testing. Only the following modules are currently supported:

• Destinations
• Show Settings
• User Account Settings
• Billing

If you click on any of the other modules or links you’ll be taken back automatically to that location in Libsyn 3.

To get to Libsyn 4 please login to your account as you normally would. In the address bar of your browser you’ll see something like this:  https://three.libsyn.com/producer/. Change that to: https://four.libsyn.com.

Please see our new Libsyn 4 category in our knowledge base:  https://support.libsyn.com/faqs/category/libsyn4/

To switch back to Libsyn 3 just click on the “Dashboard” button near the top left of the page.

Please send any feedback, bug reports, or issues with Libsyn 4 to:  [email protected]. Please use that address for Libsyn 4 related items only.