Last week we rolled out an update to the Libsyn 4 Beta preview. This update brought support for Linkedin to our On-Publish feature. While you can publish to the Linkedin destination in the classic Libsyn interface you must switch to the Libsyn 4 interface to setup the Destination. Click here for our guide on setting up Linkedin

The update also included the “Previously Published” section that’s the Libsyn 4 version of “Previous Posts” section in the classic interface. You still can’t publish new episodes or edit existing ones from Libsyn 4 but you can see the listing of all your previously published episodes and all the associated information about that episode. See our KB article here for more details.

The last major feature included in last weeks update is a new File Manager tool. This tool will show you all the media files and assets currently uploaded for your show. Please see our KB article for more details.

You can switch back to the classic interface anytime by clicking the “Dashboard” button.

Remember this is a Beta Preview of the upcoming Libsyn 4 interface so don’t expect everything to work correctly. Please report any bugs or send any comments relating to Libsyn 4 to: [email protected]