After spending several months in a “beta preview” state the Libsyn 4 interface is officially now in beta and starting on Monday, February 10th it will become the default interface. This means that upon logging in to your account you’ll be taken directly to the new Libsyn 4 interface. The feedback we’ve received from the 1200 or so of you that have used the interface has been very positive and we really appreciate it.  To coincide with making it the default interface you’ll see some new features in Libsyn 4 starting on Monday, most notably:  Tumblr On-Publish and a Quick Publish widget in the dashboard.

We have some fantastic KB articles up for Libsyn 4: Libsyn 4 FAQ and a new Libsyn Tutorial YouTube Channel: Libsyn Tutor YouTube Series

The ‘old’ Libsyn 3 interface will still be available to switch to and use if needed. Please be aware that the Libsyn 3 interface is being phased out and will removed later this year. We highly recommend that you start using the Libsyn 4 interface as soon as you can.

Last but not least we are changing the way our storage archive and quota reset process works.  Right now when you upload a file it will count against your quota for 30 days and while this has worked well for us it can be confusing to understand.  Starting on Monday your storage quota will now reset on the 1st of every month.  As a bonus we’ll be resetting every ones quota on Monday, February 10th to celebrate Libsyn 4 becoming the default interface.