On Monday April 7th at 10AM EST stats display (including all the stats pages and the stats dashboard widget) will be offline for approximately 1 hour.  We are doing some extensive hardware upgrades to the main servers responsible for handling the stats display.  The upgrades are meant to keep stats display speeds fast and give us plenty of room to grow.  We’ll update this post when the work begins and again when the work has been completed.

April 7th, 10AM EST – We’re beginning the maintenance now, stats display will be going off-line in the next few minutes.

April 7th, 10:55AM EST – The maintenance work is nearly completed we’ll post another update when the work is finished.

April 7th, 11:35AM EST – We apologize for the delay, we ran into a bit of an issue just at the end of the maintenance.  It’s resolved now and stats display should be back to normal.