We’re aware of an issue causing stats processing to be delayed.  It is behind currently by about 5-6 hours at this time (5PM EST).  We are investigating the issue and will update this work as we progress through diagnosing and fixing the issue.

UPDATE 7PM EST – We’ve located a particular process that’s failed and is responsible for the stats delay.  At this time stats processing is completely stopped as we investigate possible fixes for the issue.

UPDATE 11:55PM EST – We wanted to provide everyone with one more update tonight, at this time stats processing is still stopped.  This has been an extremely tricky issue to fix, we have a good idea on possible fixes and we will be attempting to implement those tomorrow.  It also appears that we may be dealing with a hardware issue as well, but for now one thing at a time.  We have had a few people ask us about what will happen with stats once we turn them back on.  All downloads are logged with timestamps, so no matter when we process them they will be counted for their correct date.  There will be no data loss due to these issues.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these difficult issues.

May 11th – UPDATE 2PM EST – We have successfully resolved the software bug that was causing one part of the stats processing to fail.  Unfortunately we are also dealing with a hardware problem further down the line in the stats processing.  We are hopeful that we can resolve the hardware problem by the end of the day on Monday, but if we end up needing to order another replacement part that wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday.

May 12th- UPDATE 10:30AM EST – We do apologize for the delay, we’re still working on bringing stats processing back online.  To clear up any confusion there will be no loss of data and once processing begins again downloads and their associated information will be counted for the correct date/time.

May 12th – UPDATE 1:45PM EST – Stats processing is back up and running!!!!  We’d like to thank everyone for their patience with us over the past few days as we worked to bring the stats processing back online.  We’ll update this post later when we can provide an ETA on when we expect the processing to be completely caught up.

May 12th – UPDATE 5:30PM EST – As of 5:30PM EST time today stats processing has finished processing stats for Saturday and is currently almost halfway through stats for Sunday.  If the current pace of processing stays consist our best estimate shows processing being caught up between 4AM – 6AM EST tomorrow May 13th.