Some producers may have noticed receiving an ‘error’ upon uploading media files while publishing episodes. This error is received after the media file is successfully uploaded, but prior to successfully ‘processing’. The cause of the error is the web browser times out before realizing the file was actually successfully uploaded, and an ‘error’ is received.

If you receive this error, check under Content –> FTP/Unreleased. Any time a file is uploaded but does not successfully attach to an episode, it will always appear there. If it is, you can publish as you normally would – simply select FTP/Unreleased instead of selecting your hard drive to select the file.

As an alternative, uploading using FTP will avoid this issue entirely. We have a full walkthrough on using FTP here:

We understand this is an annoyance and an inconvenience and our development and administrative teams are working hard to make this a more seamless and positive experience going forward. If there are any questions or concerns, please direct them to our support staff at [email protected]

UPDATE: We put changes into affect around the same time of this original post. We have since not received any additional reports pertaining to this issue, we believe the issue has been rectified. Any uploading issues should be sent to [email protected] Thank you for your patience.