We have been receiving reports that many producers are having trouble getting episode content to update in the Apple Podcasts store. We have been in contact with Apple Podcasts regarding this issue and they are currently working to isolate and rectify the issue. They have confirmed that the issue is not related to the producer’s RSS feed or the producer’s chosen host.

If your show’s RSS feed is valid, you see your content available as a subscriber, and Apple Podcasts hasn’t updated your show in the store in at least 3 days, you are likely being affected by this issue. Note again that this is not isolated to Libsyn feeds, so if you are using another method to generate your feed, you may still be affected.

The only way to fix the issue is to have Apple Podcasts index your feed manually. To request this, make sure you have your RSS feed URL and the URL to your show in the Apple Podcasts store and contact:

Let them know your show is not updating, it needs indexed, and include your RSS feed URL and the URL to your show in the Apple Podcasts store. You can also contact our support team who can work with Apple Podcasts to have your feed reindexed manually.
If you have any questions, contact our support staff at support@libsynsupport.com.