On Sunday September 28th we’ll be doing an upgrade of our main database systems.  We are setting aside a 4-hour time window from 10AM – 2PM EST to complete this work.  This upgrade requires us to put the Libsyn Platform into maintenance mode.  What does this mean for our users?  Below we’ll break down what will and won’t work while the system is in maintenance mode:

Will Work:

  • Media file and asset delivery
  • Feed, blog, podcast page delivery
  • Mobile apps
  • HTML5 player
  • Mylibsyn login for premium subscriptions (both podcast page and mobile apps)

Won’t Work:

  • Sign-up pages – mylibsyn and podcast hosting
  • Libsyn dashboard including publishing, stats, etc – this is disabled while maintenance mode is in place
  • Scheduled releases – any episodes scheduled to be released during the maintenance window will not get released until after the work is completed
  • FTP access
  • Any recurring jobs (stats exports, feed syncs, etc)


This upgrade will improve back-end performance and will help support our continued growth.  We’ll create a new post when we start the work on Sunday and will update it until the work is completed.