We recently published two system notices regarding trouble updating RSS feeds in Apple Podcasts (here and here). Since then, we have worked very closely with the team at Apple Podcasts to determine where the problem lies and locate a solution.

What we have learned is that Apple Podcasts is now requiring both channel (show) level images and item (episode) level images to meet Apple Podcasts image requirements. If you find your feed (whether you user the Libsyn feed or a third party feed) is having trouble updating in the Apple Podcasts store (but is otherwise valid and all episodes download properly for subscribers), make sure all your episode images and your show artwork meet the following requirements:

  • 1400px X 1400px minimum
  • 2048px X 2048px maximum
  • UNDER 500KB in physical disk size
  • Users rGB colorspace (as opposed to CYMK or Grayscale, etc)
  • Is a JPG, JPEG, or a PNG file

The catch here is many producers historically have uploaded the item (episode) image to work on their blog page, or just simply put, in the size they wish the image to be. We have provided a workaround which will allow you to use your channel (show) level image for all your items (episodes) in your RSS feed.

To use the workaround, go under Destinations –> Edit:

DestinationsNext click to edit your RSS feed:

Edit RSS Feed

Scroll down the page to the following section and check off the provided checkbox:

Using your Show Image Accross Episodes

It may take Apple Podcasts a few days to then update,and your feed should start working normally in the Apple Podcasts store. If it does not, please contact our support staff at [email protected]

See our Knowledge Base article for more details on working with images.