[4PM EST] – We’re currently aware some users are experiencing issues uploading new content.  Our main servers and our storage servers are located in different locations.  Right now there is an issue with one of the providers being used to transfer data between those locations.  This is resulting in slow speeds, causing the “processing” step during uploading to take longer than normal and is resulting in a generic error message for some users.  We are looking at getting the route forced to another provider and will update this post when that’s completed.

In the meantime we highly recommend you upload your content via FTP as the FTP server is located in the exact same location as the storage servers.  If you need help uploading via FTP please see our guide:  https://support.libsyn.com/faqs/uploading-with-ftp/https://support.libsyn.com/faqs/uploading-with-ftp

[UPDATE 4:35PM EST] – We have been able to force the traffic between our main servers and our storage servers over a different provider.  We are seeing significantly faster speeds and this should resolve any upload issues users were experiencing.