12 PM EST – Stats processing is currently paused while we perform some maintenance on the processing systems.  We’ll update this post once processing has been restarted.

3:45 PM EST – Stats processing is still paused, we’ll update this post again in a few hours with another update.

8 PM EST – We’re still working on getting processing back up and running.  We’ll continue to post updates, we appreciate your patience.

January 22, 10 AM EST – Stats processing has started again, we apologize for the extended delay.  We will update this post throughout the day until stats processing has fully caught up.

2 PM EST – Stats processing has finished processing all logs from the 21st and is now working through today’s backlog.

8 PM EST – Stats processing is still catching up and is currently about 75% through the backlog from today.

January 23, 8 AM EST – Stats processing has been fully caught up for several hours and continues to function normally.