Our team has located and is isolating issues regarding publishing of new content and accessing of the Libsyn dashboard. These issues were caused by a severe system delay on our back end. As these issues would cause errors in publishing of new content, we’ve enacted our maintenance mode to prevent errored posts while we work to correct the issue. Logins to the dashboard are currently, also, unavailable.

It is important to note that all content delivery is still functioning normally. This only affects publishing of new content.

All additional details will be updated on this post as they come in. We thank you for your patience.

Update 10:15am Eastern: The system has been pulled out of maintenance mode. However, stats processing is still temporarily disabled. Please note, stats are not lost during this time, they simply are paused for processing and delivery. Additional details will be posted as they become available.

Update 10:46am Eastern: Stats processing has been re-enabled, allowing download numbers to be processed and delivered. Please allow some time for processing and delivery to catch up, you may notice a delay in numbers appearing in your stats during this time.