We’ll be performing some maintenance on our main database cluster at 9AM EST on Wednesday March 22nd.  During this maintenance period we will be putting the system into maintenance mode.  This will prevent access to the publishing platform and will delay the release of any scheduled episodes until after the system is brought back out of maintenance mode.  The serving of media files, RSS feeds, webpages and our web player will continue to operate normally.

[March 22nd, 9AM EST] – This maintenance has begun and the publishing system is currently in maintenance mode.  We’ll update this post as the work progresses.
[March 22nd, 9:30AM EST] – We’ve finished this work and will be bringing the system out of maintenance mode momentarily.
[March 22nd, 10:00AM EST] – All systems are running normally and stats processing which was paused during the maintenance will be caught up in the next hour.