Libsyn Player Update

We've rolled out a small but useful update to the Libsyn Web Player, for those using the 'custom' theme option the episode duration is now shown.  There is nothing you…

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New Libsyn Directory!

Did you know that Libsyn has a Podcast Directory?  Well we do, and we launched a new version of it today!  Check it out here: it's been completely redesigned from…

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Apple Podcasts Directory Listing Issue

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Starting on October 3rd we began seeing reports of show listings suddenly showing no episodes in the Apple Podcasts directory listings for some shows.  Apple is aware of the issue…

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New Status Page

We recently launched a new status page that you can use to check the availability of our services.  You can subscribe to get automatic notices of outages or planned maintenance. …

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Podcasts Connect Login Issues

  Apple is experiencing login issues for some users with the Podcasts Connect site.  This has resulted in people being unable to submit their podcast to Apple Podcasts/Apple Podcasts.  This issue…

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Facebook Posting Changes

There are some updates happening with regards to Facebook which may affect your Facebook Destination which we want to make you aware of. Facebook, due to their renewed privacy push,…

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June 19th, 2018 – Stats Processing Delay

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[9:30 AM EST] - Stats processing stopped ~9 hours ago due a failed process.  This issue has now been resolved and stats processing is running normally again now.  We will…

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Upcoming Privacy Changes and GDPR

Upcoming Privacy Changes and GDPR Thank you for choosing Libsyn. We strive to maintain our status as one of the worlds most trusted podcast hosting platforms, and central to this…

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April 23, 2018 – Episode Release Delays

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[7AM EST] - We became of aware of an issue with the release of episodes being delayed.  From our logs it appears this began occurring approximately 4 hours ago.  We have…

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