[UPDATE:  September 12, 2018] – While we still have not heard back from GPM, based on what we are seeing we believe this issue is now resolved.

Our support team has become aware of issues with new episodes propagating to Google Play Music for some producers. Other directories are still currently pulling content without issue, and from our investigation, all cases are specific to Google Play Music.

If you are noticing your latest episode is not appearing in Google Play Music, try to log into your Google Play Music Portal:


Once logged in, the status of the episodes in your feed should be visible. If you see your latest episode as processing, that means that their system sees the episode, but has yet to pull it. Typically, once any issues on their end are resolved, processing episodes will release for subscribers as normal.

Our team has reached out to Google Play Music to report this issue to their team. We will post any updates as they come in. Any additional questions, please reach out to [email protected]