FTP Issues

3:15 AM EST - Our FTP system is currently offline and is undergoing emergency maintenance, we will update this post with progress as we work on the issue. UPDATE -…

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Stats Processing Delay

One of our stats processing jobs failed yesterday evening and didn't restart correctly.  We have fixed that problem and verified that logs are processing normally again.  We will update this…

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Apple Podcasts Delay

We're currently seeing reports of a delay in new episodes appearing in the Apple Podcasts store listing for some podcasts.  Existing subscribers to podcasts are not affected by this, they…

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Stats Delay

We are aware of an issue with stats processing being delayed.  The issue appears to have started around 8PM EST tonight, we are investigating and hope to have the stats…

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Brief Outage

Our systems experienced a brief outage from approximately 9:11 PM to 9:15 PM EST tonight.  This outage was triggered by an error in the fail-over setup for our load balancing…

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Player and MyLibsyn Issue

We're currently investigating an issue preventing our HTML5 player and MyLibsyn logins from working correctly.  We'll update this post when we have more details. UPDATE 1:40 PM EST - This…

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Podtrac Issues

It appears that Podtrac is having issues this morning causing downloads to fail, if anyone would like us to temporarily remove the Podtrac pre-pend from their account to get their…

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Upload Issues

[4PM EST] - We're currently aware some users are experiencing issues uploading new content.  Our main servers and our storage servers are located in different locations.  Right now there is…

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