Accessing Premium Content Using the iOS App

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    Premium content for a show you subscribe to can be accessed using your web browser, or via the Android or iOS App for the show. This tutorial explains how to access premium content using the iOS app.

    To get started, make sure you have subscribed to the show and downloaded the iOS app for the show.

    Launch the app. You will notice that content which is considered premium will have a lock.

    Click the hamburger menu button found in the upper left hand corner. This will open up the menu for the app.

    Hit Settings.

    From here, you can configure how many episodes remain on the device and which are deleted automatically, log in and out of premium, and other worth while settings to configure. Hit Premium Sign In.

    You will be asked to sign into your MyLibsyn account. Enter your email address and password at the prompt.


    Once logged in, the locks on the premium episodes will be replaced with play buttons and you will have access to all available content on the show.

    Have questions? Reach out to our MyLibsyn team at

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