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    With the introduction of new tags from Apple Podcasts over the summer of 2017, many shows have had a back catalog of episodes that need updated with episode numbers, season numbers, and other important details. Doing so one episode at a time is daunting.

    This is where the bulk episode editor can help. The bulk editor will allow you to set Apple Podcasts titles, season numbers, episode numbers, and episode types across all your episodes quickly.

    Making Your Edits

    To get started, click on Content  in your main menu. Next, select Apple Podcasts Tag Bulk Editor from the left hand menu.

    The bulk editor will open listing all the episodes on your show. One by one, you can set the episode Apple Podcasts Title, Season Number, Episode Number, or Type.

    Apple Podcasts Title

    The Apple Podcasts Title is the title of your episode, without including any extraneous information such as episode numbers, season numbers, or show titles. Apple Podcasts offers additional fields (shown below) for identifying season and episode numbers which they will use to order and label your episodes automatically.

    Apple Podcasts Summary

    The Apple Podcasts Summary is a short, one or two sentence elevator pitch regarding what this episode is all about. No text formatting or HTML is permitted in this field.

    Episode Type

    Specify if your episode is a full episode, a trailer, or a bonus episode.


    A full, traditional podcast episode


    A shortened trailer or promo for your show (usually between 30-60 seconds)


    A bonus episode which is included for your listeners, but does not necessarily fall in the realm of your regular episode releases

    Season Number

    If your episode runs on seasons, enter your season number here. If you do not run seasons, leave this blank.

    Episode Number

    Enter the episode number for your episode in this field. This will be displayed in the iOS Podcast App, and is used along with your season number and your show type setting (under Settings –> Show Settings specifying your episode as serial or episodic) to determine how your episodes are ordered and listened to.

    NOTE: The Apple Podcasts title, summary, type, season and episode numbers are all part of Apple’s iOS 11 release which will not be live until Fall, 2017. These features are available and supported inside Libsyn now, but will not be visible in the apps until iOS 11 is released to the public.


    Click the tools button  for additional automated functionality.

    Copy Season Number To All Episodes After This Episode

    Selecting this option will automatically update all episodes after this episode to match.

    Automatically Set Episode Numbers For All Episodes After This Episode

    This button allows you to, using the episode number of this episode, automatically increment the episode number for episodes after.

    Copy Episode Type To All Episodes After This Episode

    This will allow you to set a specific episode type for this episode, and all episodes after this episode will automatically be updated to match. For example, if this episode is set as ‘full’ for episode type, all episodes after this episode will also be set to ‘full’ after hitting this button.

    Finishing Up

    Once you are done with your changes, hit Save Save Changes to save your changes.

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our friendly support staff at support@libsyn.com.

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