Canceling a MyLibsyn Subscription

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    Subscriptions in MyLibsyn can be canceled at any time. Upon cancelation, all billing is deleted and the subscription will not renew. Access to the subscription will continue until the end of the term.

    To cancel a subscription, log into your MyLibsyn account and click or tap on the subscription you want to cancel. Then click or tap on Manage.

    myLibsyn - Manage a Subscription

    The details for your subscription will appear which allow you to modify your subscription. It will also allow you to cancel by clicking or tapping on the cancel button.

    MyLibsyn - Cancel

    Once you hit cancel, you will be asked to confirm your cancelation. Confirm the cancelation. You will be redirected back to the subscription listing and a confirmation will appear confirming that your cancelation has gone through and the term will end.

    MyLibsyn - Cancel Confirmation

    If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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