Creating a Headliner Account

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    Headliner has an easy signup process, and a free account level to boot. To get started, you can sign up here or as part of the process of creating your clip when you send an episode from Libsyn:

    Hit the Sign Up Now button:

    Enter a name, your email address, and select a password. Check the checkbox to agree to the legal, then hit Sign Up.

    Headliner asks to make a user profile with two simple questions. Answer both questions and if you want to subscribe to their newsletter, check the checkbox to do so then hit Create Profile.

    That’s it! Your Headliner account is created automatically on their free plan and you can start making video clips for your podcast episodes right away.

    Getting Additional Help

    Have questions? Contact our Headliner’s team using their help widget in the lower right hand corner of any Headliner page. You can also checkout their fully stocked Knowledge Base here.

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