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    You can submit your Libsyn hosted podcast to Deezer from inside the Libsyn dashboard. Deezer is a popular European music app with tens of millions of active users.

    This tutorial will walk you through submitting your show to Deezer step by step.

    Preparing Your Show For Deezer

    Select Destinations –> Add New:

    Adding a New Destination

    Locate Deezer from the list and hit Add:

    Deezer - Add New

     A Note About Show Settings

    The information used in the Deezer app is based on the information you have entered in your show settings. If you have not filled in your show settings, please see our show settings tutorial. If you try to fill in the Deezer destination without filling in your show settings you will receive an error.

    Missing required information

    There are a few configurations that can be set for your Deezer destination, we will outline these below.

    Deezer configuration

    Destination Name: The name of the destination is for your organizational purposes only and is only ever seen inside the Libsyn dashboard. In most cases, this should be left at its default.

    Feed Extension The Feed Extension generates the last part of the Deezer feed URL. In most cases, this should be left as its default setting.

    Approving Show Submission into Deezer

    Once you are ready, check the box for Approve. This checkbox, upon saving the destination, will approve the destination for submission to the Deezer directory. Click Save.

    Deezer Submission Approval

    Advanced Options and Overrides

    There are additional overrides that can be made to your Deezer destination. These are not necessary for submission or general operation, but exist for those power users who want to customize their entry. 

    These are found under Advanced Options.

    Show Title (Override): Entering a title here will override the show title set in show settings for this destination.

    Author (Override): Entering an Author here will override the author set in show settings for this destination.

    Description (Override): Entering a Description here will override the description set in show settings for this destination.

    Use Show Image for Episodes: If episode artwork has been uploaded to individual episodes and you now wish Deezer to only utilize the show artwork instead of the episode art, check this box.

    Episode/Post Limit: This setting limits the number of episodes you send to the Deezer feed. By default, the Deezer feed will show the newest 100 episodes. Setting the limit to No Limit will allow all episodes to be available in your Deezer feed.

    Use Plain Text Description: This will remove formatting and code from all episode descriptions in the Deezer feed.

    Disable Dynamic Advertising:  If your show has dynamic advertising enabled, checking this option would turn it off for the Deezer feed.

    Redirect Feed to this Web Address: If you ever decide to leave Libsyn and move to a different platform, you would enter the feed URL of you new platform in this field.

    Extra RSS Tags: If you have additional RSS tags you wish to enter into your feed, enter them here. Please note that additional tags you enter may invalidate your feed, so validating your RSS feed after entry is imperative.

    Getting Additional Help

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our friendly support staff at

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