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    Edit an Episode

    You have published an episode, but you missed a spelling error in your episode title, or maybe you need to go as far as replacing your media file. Yup, you can do that! Here is how.

    Go to Content –> Previously Published.

    Previously Published

    This will open a list of your existing published episodes. Pick out the episode from the list you want to edit, and hit the pencil icon to edit the episode.

    Edit a Published Episode

    The publishing page will open, showing all of the metadata and file details you had originally entered. If you want to replace your media file, the option to do so is right up top.

    Replace Media File

    As if you were generating a completely new episode, the system will open up a window with all your upload options.

    Choosing a Replacement File

    The file will upload, and once done it will tell you if the upload is successful.

    Uploading a Replacement File

    At this point, you can update your episode title, description, thumbnail, any other detail about your episode (even the release date) you want to change. Once you are done, make sure to hit publishbttn button to save your changes. Your updates, including if you replace the file, will be available immediately.

    Note about replacing files: Storage is affected by file replacements. If the file you are replacing is an archived file, the system will take the difference between the old file and the new file and apply that to your storage usage. If the file you are replacing is an active file, storage is cleared by the old file and used by the new file. More details on storage can be found here.


    Delete an Episode

    Go to Content –> Previously Published.

    Previously Published

    Instead of hitting the pencil icon to edit the episode as with above, hit the MORE button.

    Episodes - the More Button

    Hit the remove button.

    Episode - Remove Button

    The episode will immediately be removed. If the episode is currently taking up storage on the account, storage will be updated to reflect the deleted episode immediately.

    Important note: If you publish using our OnPublish feature to a third party destination (such as Facebook or WordPress), your edits made here will not take affect at that third party destination. We cannot edit what has been posted elsewhere, so you will need to edit those separately. Editing the episode in Libsyn will not re-release the episode to that OnPublish destination.

    Have questions? Contact our friendly support team at support@libsynsupport.com.

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