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    Libsyn statistics offers a fully customization export which allows you to create, save, export or setup recurring exports for. This option is available for our $20 level accounts and higher.

    To get started, click on the Stats Button button. All the way down on the left hand side, is a Saved Export option.

    Export Stats

    Hit the Add New button…

    Add Stats Report

    This page will provide you with a range of export options. We will go through each one, one by one.

    Create Export

    Export Name

    Give your export a recognizable name. When you save your export, you can come back later and rerun the export, or make changes. Keeping the name recognizable will help you quickly separate which report is which.

    Target Export

    Just like your regular breakdowns, you can choose to run an export for an entire show, a specific episode, or a specific media file. If you change the radio button to Episode, you will get an episode selector.

    Target Export

    When you select the episode radio button, you are given an episode list. From here, you can hit the down arrow to view your list of episodes to select from. The same happens if you select the Media option. You can select your episode to make sure the export settings will provide an output only for that episode (instead of the entire show).

    Export Type

    There are several export options available to you.

    Downloads by Day

    The downloads by day export will give you a total download count for each day. In this example, I have set the export to provide me with a downloads by day output for the last 7 days.Export Downloads Per Day

    The export provided will be similar to the below.Export Downloads Per Day Spreadsheet

    Weekly Totals

    The weekly totals export will give you a total download count for each week in the date range you set. In this example, I have set the export to provide me with a weekly totals output for the year to date.

    Export Weekly TotalsAn example export is shown below.


    Monthly Totals

    The monthly totals export will give you a total download count for each month in the date range you set. In this example, I have set the export to provide me with a monthly totals output for the year to date.

    Export Monthly Totals

    An example of the export is below.


    Geographic Downloads

    The geographic downloads export gives you a high level, worldwide view of what country your episodes/media files/the show at large is getting downloads from. You will get a list of every country you have received downloads from for that show, episode, or media file. You will not get exports for countries you do not receive downloads from.

    Export Geographic

    An example export is found below.Export Geographic SS

    Country Downloads

    The country downloads export allows you to select what country you want more granular details for. Since we are based in the United States, this example will use the U.S. as the example. Note that all geographic exports will only provide an all time export. The time range becomes irrelevant.

    Export Country DownloadsWhen selecting the Country Downloads radio button, a country selector will appear. Hit the drop down to pick the country you want broken down.

    There are three notes here. The first is you will only see countries you have downloads from. If you have never had a download from the U.S., the U.S. won’t appear in the list, for example. Secondly, country (and other geographic) exports will only provide an all time export. The time range becomes irrelevant. Lastly, the countries will appear in the drop down list in the order of most downloads so if the U.S. is the country you get the most downloads and the U.K. is where you get the second most downloads, then the list will show the U.S. and the U.K. respectively.

    An example export can be found below. You will receive download counts from each region inside that country. Note that the spreadsheet is not necessarily sorted, but of course, you can sort it using your favorite spreadsheets program or app.


    US Markets

    US Markets is a breakdown of downloads based on specific cities. It is a more granular breakdown we currently offer specifically for the United States, and you can export that data at the show, episode, or media file level. Similar to the other geographic exports, the US Markets export is an all time count, the time range selected is ignored.Export US Markets

    An example breakdown is below. Note that the export is not presorted, you can sort your CSV file as you see fit.


    User Agents

    User agents are the programs used by a person, or automatically run programs, that are used to access your content. For example, if a listener uses Apple Podcasts to access your content, then the user agent will likely be Apple Podcasts. More details about user agents can be found here.Export User Agents

    Note that user agents export is all time and will ignore the time range. Below is an example export.


    Export Time Range

    For some of the export types, a time range selection is available. From here you can choose from exporting:

    • Last 7 Days
    • Previous Month
    • Current Month
    • Year to Date
    • Custom Date Range

    If you select Custom Date Range, a new section will open up allowing you to customize what date range you want exported.

    Export Custom Date Range

    Export Scheduler

    The export scheduler allows you to configure an export, save it, and have the export automatically e-mailed to you or the e-mail address(es) of your choice at intervals you choose. For example, you may want your overall download totals for the week e-mailed to you and your production team every single Sunday.Export Scheduler

    Email To

    This field will be pre-populated with the e-mail address you are logged in as. You can change and/or add to this. To add multiple e-mail addresses, simply separate them using a comma:

    my@email.com, your@email.com, productionteam@email.com

    The e-mail will then be sent to all the e-mail addresses listed.

    Repeat Schedule

    You can choose how frequently the e-mail should be sent which includes daily, weekly, or monthly. If you only want to schedule this one export and do not want the export to repeat, leave the radio button at None.


    The time zone your account is setup with will be automatically selected but you can change the time zone for the exports specifically here.

    Schedule Export

    You can specify a specific date and time for this export to run using the calendar and clock available here.

    Finishing Up

    With your settings in place, you can either save the export to run at a later date (or automatically run if you scheduled the export), or you can save the export and have the export run right now.Export Save Options

    When hitting Save & Export Now, the export will save, the page will refresh, and the download for your CSV file will begin.

    Have questions? Contact our friendly support staff at support@libsynsupport.com.

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