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    Setting Up Facebook OnPublish

    To get started, log into your Libsyn Dashboard and hover over Destinations, then hit Add New.

    Add Destination

    Locate Facebook in the list, and hit Add.

    Adding Facebook

    The system will ask you to log into Facebook, hit the log in button, and log in.

    Log Into Facebook

    You will be asked to approve permissions for our application to communicate with your Facebook account:

    Approving Facebook Permissions

    Once you’ve approved all the permissions, you will be redirected back to Libsyn. A list including your personal timeline and all your public pages (Facebook OnPublish does not support Facebook Groups). Select which profiles/pages you want episodes to be published to.

    Configuring Facebook Profiles

    After choosing what profiles and pages you will publish to, you can choose what actually gets posted.

    Timeline Publish Method

    As shown above, two options are available. Post link, and uploading a video to the timeline.

    Post Link

    With this option selected, a URL to your episode will be published. You will have the opportunity to choose between the Libsyn Podcast Directory, the permalink set for the episode, or the download URL to the media file.

    Upload as video to Timeline

    If a video is uploaded for an episode, that video will be uploaded natively to Facebook. If an audio file is uploaded for an episode, the audio plus either episode or show level artwork will be combined to create a video, and that video is natively uploaded to Facebook.

    The benefit to this is it allows the media to be played in timeline. The other benefit here is theoretically, Facebook heavily weighs video in the timeline algorithms. This means the video is more likely to be seen than a traditional post with a link.

    Video on the Facebook Timeline

    You can also choose what link gets shared, particularly if you utilize the Post Link option above. This is the link that would be included in the post which viewers would be able to click in order to access the show. How it gets accessed depends on the link you choose.

    Published Link

    Directory Link

    Libsyn has a podcast directory that showcases shows hosted by Libsyn. This directory can be found here:


    Choosing the directory link option will link directly to your episode in the Libsyn podcast directory.

    Episode Permalink

    When you create an episode inside Libsyn, you can set the permalink for the episode. This can be a custom link, or even link to your Libsyn podcast page. If you choose episode permalink, that is the URL that would get shared.

    Download URL

    Each media file published has a download URL that can be used to access the media file directly. Choosing this option will share that download URL.

    Continue Publishing After Error

    This is the last option in your Facebook destination configuration.

    Continue Publishing After Error

    The option is available for when a show is set to publish to more than one Facebook account (or page) and an error occurs while trying to publish to Facebook. When checked, Libsyn will continue to attempt to publish to other accounts after an error. Otherwise, it will stop all Facebook publishing. We recommend leaving it checked.

    With your settings configured the way you wish, hit the Save Changes Save button. Going forward, any episode published in Libsyn can be sent to Facebook.

    Publishing to Facebook OnPublish

    Facebook Status

    Publishing an episode to Facebook is the same as publishing an episode any other time. However, there are some additional options made available to you.

    Facebook Status

    When creating a new episode, a new option for Social Destination Custom Text will become available. Here, you can enter a Facebook status message to appear with your post.

    Scheduling with Facebook

    When scheduling an episode, the Facebook destination can have a time for release fully customized just as any other destination.

    Scheduling Facebook Post

    Have additional questions? Contact our friendly support staff at support@libsyn.com.


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