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    Google Play Music is a music and podcast directory available on mobile and the web through Google Play Music. Google Play Music currently accepts podcast submissions for shows in the United States.

    Note: Google is currently putting all future podcast development into Google Podcasts which is vastly different from Google Play Music. Additional details can be found here.

    Preparing Your Google Play Music Feed

    Log into your Libsyn show and click on Destinations –> Add New:

    Adding a New Destination

    You will see Google Play Music as an option to add from the destinations list. Click Add:

    Adding Google Play Music

    If you have not yet configured your show in Show Settings, you will get an alert that you need to fill in those missing fields.

    Missing Required Fields for Google Play Music

    Once those settings are configured, the submission form will become available.

    Required Information

    Feed Extension: The Feed Extension generates the last part of the Google Play Music feed URL. In most cases, this should be left as its default setting.

    Category: This is the category your show will appear in via the Google Play Music store.

    Submitting your Show For Approval to Google Play Music

    Once you create your destination inside Libsyn, you will need to submit your show for approval.

    Go to to get started.

    Google Play Music Portal

    If you aren’t already logged into Google, you may be asked to do so. Once logged in, click the Publish button.

    Your account will be created and you will be prompted to accept their terms of service.

    Initial Submission

    Google creates a podcast placeholder that will display “New Podcast” with a status of “Missing Feed”

    Placeholder appears when adding a show to Google Play Music

    Click on the Submit Feed link.

    Next, you will be asked to enter your RSS feed URL into the above screen. If you don’t recall your Google Play Music feed URL, log into your Libsyn dashboard and click on Destinations. The Google Play Music feed URL will be listed at the top.

    Enter your Feed URL into Google Play Music's Portal

    After pasting your Google Play Music feed into the field click on Submit RSS Feed.

    Confirming Your Email Address

    You will be prompted to verify your email address. The email verification will be sent to the email you have specified under Settings > Edit Show Settings. If the email address is correct, press the Confirm Email button.

    Click the Verify Ownership button. Alternatively, copy the code they provide and log back into the Google Play Music Podcast Portal and place the code in the text box they provide. Then, click the Verify Ownership button.

    Verifying Your Email for Google Play Music

    If all your information is correct you will see a green check mark above “Verify Ownership” and you will see your artwork, description and episodes appear on the page.

    Finalizing Submission

    The message will show, “This podcast is ready to be submitted for review. After it’s approved, it will be available in Google Play Music.”

    If all the information for your podcast appears correct on the screen, click the Publish Podcast button.

    Your status will be listed as “Under Review.”

    The team at Google Play Music Podcasts will review the show and either approve or reject the show. They will e-mail the address listed in your feed under Owner E-Mail with your approval or rejection notice.

    Getting Additional Help

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our friendly support staff at

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