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    Google Podcasts is a combination of the power of Google Search with an app available on Android devices, as well as making podcasts available on Google’s Assistant and Google Home. The experience is available globally in all languages.

    Optimizing for this functionality is simple. Google even has written their own set of guidelines for Podcasts, but it boils down to two important details:

    • A valid RSS feed
    • A link to your RSS feed on your website

    If you are hosting with Libsyn, you already have access to a fully valid and compatible podcast RSS feed. You just need to link the RSS feed to your website. For good measure, you can link your website to your RSS feed as well.

    Linking To Your Feed On The Podcast Page

    If you are utilizing Libsyn’s Podcast Page, the page is already optimized for Google Podcasts! Libsyn automatically creates the alternate link in your header for your website.

    Linking To Your Feed On Your Own Website

    A special, “alternate” link needs to be added to the header of your website.

    <link rel="alternate type="application/rss+xml" title="Your Show Title" href="">

    For example, this code would look like this for Libsyn’s podcast The Feed:

    <link rel="alternate type="application/rss+xml" title="The Feed The Official Libsyn Podcast" href="">

    Alt Tag Source

    This line of code should be placed in the header of your site (in between the <head> and </head> tags). How this is done will depend on how your site is built, and the template you are using. Again, be sure to use the full URL for your site:

    Be sure to include ‘www’ if you traditionally use it with your site.

    Linking Your Website To Your RSS Feed

    To link your RSS feed to your website, follow these steps:

    –Log into your Libsyn Dashboard

    –Select Settings -> Show Settings

    –In the Website field, enter your website URL

    –Hit Save

    Website Settings

    Pro Tip

    Make sure to enter the full website address:

    Be sure to include ‘www’ if you traditionally use it with your site.

    Getting Indexed

    As mentioned earlier, Google is using the power of Google Search for their podcast directory. Assuming your website and your RSS feed are properly linked as outlined above, your show will appear in Google Podcasts. But, they have to index your website (and feed) for that to happen.

    This is different than say, Apple Podcasts or Spotify, who require a specific submission.

    It can be helpful to setup your podcast website in Google Webmaster Tools to make sure your site and feed get indexed. Using the Libsyn Podcast Page, we explain how to setup Google Webmaster Tools here.

    Generating a Link to Your Show

    You can preview and generate a link to your show in Google Podcasts here.

    This URL is the URL you can share on social and link to on your website to let your Android listeners know they can find and subscribe to your show in Google Podcasts.

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our support team at

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