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    In using the Libsyn Publisher Hub plugin, you may at some point come across a situation such as this:

    LPH - Broken Block

    In some cases, a block in the Gutenberg editor may crash or become invalid as is in the above example. If that happens, don’t panic! The Libsyn Publisher Hub is smart enough to maintain the content entered into the block. To fix this issue, remove the block and re-add it:

    LPH - Fixing a Crashed Block

    • Select the block
    • Use the 3 button menu to select Remove Block
    • Create the space to add the block again
    • Select to add a block, locate Libsyn and add it

    The player preview and all metadata will automatically appear with the block. Doing this will not republish the existing episode or otherwise negatively affect the episode, it simply restores the block to a working state.

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