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    Every Libsyn podcast show comes with an HTML5 media player. This media player will play audio and video, and includes several different skins to fit your needs. In this tutorial, we are going to walk through configuring the show player for your show.

    Configuring the Show Player

    To access the show player settings, hover over Destinations and select Edit or View Existing.

    Edit Destination

    Hit Edit to edit the player destination.

    Edit Player Destination

    From here, you can choose what theme to use by default with your player. There are 4 themes you can choose from, Legacy, Standard, Standard Mini, and Custom.

    Player Themes


    The Legacy player is a bare bones player theme that offers a basic menu and a visible timeline. This player supports audio and video.

    Size requirement: The player must be 200px wide and 75px high at minimum.


    The Standard player is more slimline than the Legacy player. Larger sized versions can include a menu and artwork. This player supports audio and video.

    Size Requirement: The player must be 200px wide and 45px high at minimum.

    Standard Mini

    The Standard Mini player is almost identical to the Standard player in it’s overall design, but it is slimmer, smaller, and primarily intended to be a minimal audio player. This player is intended for audio.

    Size Requirement: The player must be 200px wide and 26px high at minimum.


    The custom player theme is Libsyn’s newest theme. It offers sharing capability, a download button, supports Clammr integration, and supports custom color choices.

    This player also can be used as a simple player, or as a playlist player. It can either support all episodes in a show, or it can support a specific category filter.

    This player supports audio and video.

    Size Requirements: 

    Without the Playlist: The player must be 90px high at minimum. Width is automatically set to 100%.

    With the Playlist: The player must be 250px high at minimum. Width is automatically set to 100%.

    Custom Player Sizing

    Enter the size you wish the player to be. Keep in mind whichever theme you chose has different size requirements in order for the player to operate correctly.

    With the player theme and size all set, you can select other options with regards to the player operation.

    Other Player Settings

    Use Thumbnail

    Enabling this checkbox will allow either your episode or show artwork to display in the player. Note for the Legacy, Standard, and Standard Mini players, the player must be sized appropriately for the image to appear.

    Automatically Start Player Once It Loads

    Enabling this option allows the player automatically play the second a page with the player embed on it is loaded.

    Playback Direction

    The player can be set to play from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest.

    There are some additional options available for the Custom player theme.

    Other Settings - Custom Player

    Render Playlist

    Enabling this option will allow the custom player to display a playlist.

    Playlist Player

    Custom Color

    Using the Custom player theme, you can choose the button colors to match your own theme.

    Player Color Choice

    Select the Choose color button in order to choose the color you wish the player buttons to appear as. Once you choose the color you want, hit OK.

    Hit the Preview Player button in order to preview the player and the changes you have made.

    Preview Player

    Happy with your changes? Hit Save Changes to save your changes.

    Embedding the Show Player

    To grab your embed code for your show player, hover over Destinations and select Edit or View Existing.

    Edit Destination

    In the list of destinations, locate the player destination and hit Get Embed Code.

    Get Embed Code

    A preview will open, along with the embed code.

    The Embed Code

    Copy the embed code and enter it into your site where you want the player embed.

    Using Your Own Player

    If you have a third party player you wish to use on your site, you are welcome to do so. Most third party players will pull from an RSS feed or from your download URL for the media file.

    Make absolutely sure, when using a third party player, that the third party player does not preload media or autoplay content.

    If you have questions regarding using your third party player, we recommend reaching out to the developer of that player.

    Have questions? Contact our friendly support staff at

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