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    Note: When creating your artwork for your app, make sure the file names of each image are different than any other image you have uploaded in the past (including previous versions of the same image). One easy way to do this is to add the date to the file name. For example, “my-app-image_2013-01-01.png” instead of “my-app-image.png”.

    Artwork Policies

    There are two notes worth making with regards to your artwork for your app. These include:

    • Copyrighted artwork, branding, or tilting in your images is not permitted.
    • Do not use the word “podcast” in your submitted images.

    Required Graphics & Color Choices

    There are three required graphics for your app, as well as one color selection.

    Large Icon

    Displayed as the icon that is pressed to launch the app from the desktop of the device and as a representation of your app in the app store.


    • 1024 x 1024 pixel
    • 326 dpi
    • PNG file
    • DO NOT round the corners.
    • DO NOT put the word podcast on it

    Launch Background Color

    Select a color from the provided color selector that coordinates with your logo and is not so light that white text would not be easily read over the top.

    Launch Background Image

    This image will appear when the app loads, behind the launch foreground image, and as the background graphic used in the app.


    • 1920x1920px
    • 326 dpi
    • PNG file
    • DO NOT put “loading” on this image
    • DO NOT put your web address on this image
    • This graphic should be very simple and not include titling or show name unless very subtle.

    Launch Foreground Image

    This image is displayed in front of the background image when the app is loading, and is also the main branding graphic used in the app.


    • 1080x1080px
    • 326 dpi
    • PNG file
    • Can be square (similar to your icon graphic), or it can be a logo with a transparent background (examples below)
    • A logo with a transparent background will result in a more seamless image on all devices
    • DO NOT put “loading” on this image
    • DO NOT put your web address on this image
    • The image should include your show name and/or branding

    Artwork Examples

    iOS App Image Examples

    Additional Considerations

    • Do not apply any shine affect to your icon.
    • Do not include any website addresses in your artwork.
    • Do not include any Apple or Android product images such as iPods, iPhones or white headphones in your app artwork. It doesn’t matter if you had it in your podcast logo or artwork, it cannot be in the app artwork or your app could get rejected.
    • Do not include any copyrighted imagery in your app artwork as this could lead to your app being pulled from the store.
    • Do not include any pornographic imagery in your artwork.
    • Do not put the word “loading” on any of your splash screen graphics or incorporate any buttons into any of your artwork.
    • If you are exporting for web the program automatically converts the image to 72dpi. You need to save the image directly for it to retain the 326dpi resolution.

    Example App

    If you would like to test out an existing app to see how it works, download The Feed from the app store.

    Additional Questions?

    If you still have any additional questions, reach out to our Apps team at [email protected]


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