Known WordPress Plugin Conflicts

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    About WordPress Plugin Conflicts

    When working with WordPress, there are thousands of plugins that can be installed to expand the functionality of your site. Libsyn offers its own, the Libsyn Publisher Hub.

    The problem comes in when many plugins are installed together. Plugins and themes can conflict with each other, causing strange and broken behavior that exists in only certain circumstances, and typically only on that instance (meaning it isn’t something that would usually be found in testing unless testing included that specific environment).

    Other Concerns

    It is important to note that even if a plugin is deactivated, parts of that plugin can be loaded when the site is loaded and can still cause compatibility issues. It can also cause security concerns. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that any plugin not in use be removed from the site to reduce possible issues with conflicts, and more importantly to reduce security concerns on the site.

    Libsyn’s Incompatibility List

    Libsyn maintains a list of plugins known to have incompatibilities with the Libsyn Publisher Hub WordPress plugin. Issues arising with these plugins can vary, from minimal disruption to more severe, so extreme caution and testing on a staging site is heavily encouraged.

    Support for the Libsyn Publisher Hub will be minimal when used in conjunction with a known conflicting plugin. All efforts are made to keep this list short, and this list can update as changes to our plugin are made to expand compatibilities or add new features. Check back often, and anytime you have trouble with the Libsyn Publisher Hub.

    Blubrry PowerPress

    This conflict is extremely minor, in that the plugin prevents the Libsyn player from loading. The PowerPress plugin must be deactivated for the Libsyn player to become available. The plugin can (and needs to) be active during a migration and will not cause harm to the site in having it active during that process.

    Codeins Post Voting

    This plugin should not be installed at the same time as the Libsyn Publisher Hub.

    Layers Pro

    This plugin should not be installed at the same time as the Libsyn Publisher Hub.


    This plugin should not be installed at the same time as the Libsyn Publisher Hub.

    PrintAura WooCommerce API

    This plugin should not be installed at the same time as the Libsyn Publisher Hub.

    Relative URL

    Any plugin that interferes with automated redirects within the site will cause compatibility issues, especially during authentication. This has been true with the Relative URL plugin as well.

    Sucuri Security

    In most instances, Sucuri will work properly without any issue. However, in some situations, certain configurations can cause issues. The majority of incompatibility with Sucuri is actually with our WordPress Destination as Sucuri disables XML-RPC (this is not a function of the Libsyn Publisher Hub). If you are running Sucuri, our team may request minor changes be made to the configuration if problems occur.

    Toolset Types

    Outside of compatibility issues, the author of the plugin has requested the plugin be removed from the WordPress plugin directory as of April, 2019. If you are running this plugin, we strongly encourage the plugin be uninstalled.

    Recommended Favorites

    Libsyn has a few recommended favorite plugins as well that will work along side the Libsyn Publisher Hub without issue and are consistantly tested often as part of our release process for new versions of the Libsyn Publisher Hub plugin. Here is a short list of some of those favs.


    Wordfence Security Yoast SEO Speakpipe W3 Total Cache CoSchedule
    Slider by Soliloquy WP Smush WooCommerce
    (Do not use with PrintAura)
    Lazy Load Google XML Sitemaps
    Amp Affiliate WP Akismet Ninja Forms The Events Calendar
    Redirection MonsterInsights CDN Enabler
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