Embedding a Player on WordPress Using Embedly

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    Libsyn’s HTML5 player can be placed on a post in WordPress using either the Directory or Podcast Page URL to your episode.

    First, grab the URL for the episode you want placed in your WordPress post. Go under Content —> Previously Published and hit the Link/Embed button.

    To embed into WordPress using Embedly, one of two URLs can be used.


    Directory URL

    Note: The permalink needs to be set to the Libsyn Podcast Page, rather than a custom URL or a download URL.

    Next, the Embedly plugin needs to be installed in WordPress. Log into your WordPress site and go to Add Plugin:

    Note: These instructions are for self hosted WordPress installs, not WordPress.com sites.

    Search for Embedly and install the plugin.

    With the plugin installed and active, create a new post in WordPress as normal.

    In your post, place the URL you copied from Libsyn where you wish the player to appear.

    The player will automatically appear, publish your post as usual.

    Have questions? Reach out to our friendly support staff at [email protected]

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