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    RadioPublic is a podcast directory offering web and mobile subscription and listening capability. Libsyn provides a direct submission from inside the dashboard to make your show available in their directory and applications.

    Preparing Your RadioPublic Submission

    In order to prepare your show for and then submit to RadioPublic, log into your Libsyn dashboard and select Destinations –> Add New.

    Adding a New Destination

    Locate RadioPublic in the list and hit Add.

    Adding RadioPublic

    If you have not yet configured your show in Show Settings, you will get an alert that you need to fill in those missing fields.

    Missing Required Fields for RadioPublic

    Once those settings are configured, the submission form will become available.

    RadioPublic has both required and recommended fields which are specific to RadioPublic directory and should be configured.

    Configuring & Submitting to RadioPublic

    Destination Name: The name of the destination is for your organizational purposes only and is only ever seen inside the Libsyn dashboard. In most cases, this should be left at its default.

    Feed Extension: The Feed Extension generates the last part of the RadioPublic feed URL. In most cases, this should be left as its default setting.

    Teaser: The teaser is displayed in the directory and app. It is a very short pitch for your show to your potential listener. It only accepts up to 140 characters, plain text (no formatting, special characters, or emoji’s).

    Gateway Episodes and Greatest Hits: RadioPublic offers the ability to set up to 5 episodes as episodes to be listened to by the audience first (Gateway Episodes), and up to 5 episodes as Greatest Hits, episodes you want highlighted to your audience.

    This is not a required field.

    To set a Gateway Episode or a Greatest Hit, hit the Add Episode button.

    Use the drop down arrow to select the episode you want to use.

    The above shows what it should look like once you have selected one or more episodes for each option.

    Approving Show Submission into RadioPublic

    Once you are ready, check the box for Approve. This checkbox, upon saving the destination, will approve the destination for submission to the RadioPublic directory.

    Approving a Submission to RadioPublic

    Lastly, hit the Save  button to save your changes and push through the submission. Your show will be live in RadioPublic within a day or two.

    Advanced Options

    Most of your configuration gets set under Settings —> Show Settings. However, overrides specific for RadioPublic, as well as other advanced configurations are available should you choose to use them.

    Overrides & Advanced Options for RadioPublic

    Show Title (Override): Entering a title here will override the show title in this destination, compared to what is entered in Show Settings.

    Author (Override): Entering an Author here will override the show title in this destination, compared to what is entered in Show Settings.

    Description (Override): Entering a Description here will override the show title in this destination, compared to what is entered in Show Settings.

    Episode/Post Limit: This setting limits the number of episodes in your RSS feed. By default, the RSS feed will show the newest 100 episodes. Setting the limit to No Limit will allow all episodes to be available in your RSS feed.

    Use Plain Text Description: This will remove formatting and code from all episode descriptions in the RadioPublic feed.

    Play Order: You can set the recommended order of which episodes are displayed. Generally, this is set to default and the newest episodes are available at the top. Other options can be set in order to specify the order episodes are displayed.

    Setting the Play Order for RadioPublic

    Getting Additional Help

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our friendly support staff at

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