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    Audio Encoding

    Spoken Word Shows:
    Stereo Bit Rate – 192 kbps (In Mono this gets cut in half)
    Sample Rate – 44.1 kHz
    Channels – Mono

    Music Shows:
    Stereo Bit Rate – 128 kbps
    Sample Rate – 44.1 kHz
    Channels – Stereo
    Stereo Mode – Joint Stereo

    Your bit rate can be set as low as 96kbps (some even go as low as 64kbps). As noted above, if using mono, many editors will automatically cut the bit rate in half. If yours does not, you can simply set your rate at 96kbps.

    Your editing software may offer a checkbox for VBR or Variable Bit Rate. Do not check this box, your bit rate needs to be constant. The reason behind this is variable bit rate will change how different players and systems scan the file, and they often will either be incompatible with VBR completely, or at the very least will get the duration of the file incorrect causing the file to end up cut off towards the end.

    These settings will give you the best bang for your buck with relation to audio quality and media file size.

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