Signing Up for a MyLibsyn Account

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    Signing up for a MyLibsyn account allows you to subscribe to shows that offer premium content. To get started, visit MyLibsyn and hit Sign Up Now.

    Sign Up for MyLibsyn

    Enter your e-mail address and chosen password. Check the box to approve the terms of service, then hit Create Account:

    Creating a New MyLibsyn User

    The first time you log into MyLibsyn, you will be asked to setup payment details. These payment details will be used to pay for each subscription you sign up for in your account.

    Generating a Billing Profile

    Enter the name on the card and card details, or log into your PayPal account:

    Entering Payment Details

    Next, you can browse through the selection of shows to find the show you want to subscribe to. 
    Finding a Show of Interest

    Select your subscription level then hit the next button:

    Choose Subscription Level

    Check the box to agree to have your email address shared with the show producer. The show producer may contact you in order to share information regarding the show, special offers, or even bonuses they may provide to subscribers.

    Approve Email Subscription

    Confirm your billing profile and hit Submit:Confirm Billing Profile

    The show will now appear in your list of active subscriptions. Clicking on the show will allow you to manage your subscription, get help accessing the show, or view the page for the show to start listening to content!

    Accessing the Show's Podcast Page

    Submit your details. Your subscription is active immediately. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]

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