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    Your Libsyn show can connect to your Soundcloud account (regardless of Soundcloud account level). By connecting your Soundcloud account, you can publish your audio episodes out to Soundcloud, using all the features of Libsyn you are use to.

    To get started, log into your Libsyn account and go under Destinations –> Add New.

    Add Destination

    Select Soundcloud from the list.

    Add the Soundcloud Destination

    You will be asked to log into your Soundcloud account. Hit the login button.

    Logging into Soundcloud

    You will be redirected to Soundcloud. If your browser is not already logged in, you will be asked to log in. Once logged in, you will be asked to grant permission for Libsyn to post to your Soundcloud channel.

    Approving the Soundcloud Permissions

    Hit Connect. You will be redirected back to Libsyn. You can configure tags to automatically populate your Soundcloud post every time you post an episode.

    Entering Soundcloud Tags

    Once you are happy with your settings, hit Save Changes Save. Every episode you post going forward will release to Soundcloud.

    Have additional questions? Contact our friendly support staff at

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