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    Stitcher is an audio podcast directory and application that, similar to Apple Podcasts, allows potential listeners to find, subscribe to, and listen to your show. Stitcher is available across most most devices and operating systems including using the Stitcher app on iOS and Android, as well as via their web portal accessible via web browsers.

    Similar to other podcast directories, if you wish your show to be listed in the Stitcher directory, you will need to submit your show to Stitcher for approval.

    To get started, visit, scroll to the very bottom of the page, and select Partner signup.

    Stitcher Partner Signup

    A new page with a form will open asking for some basic account information.

    Contact Information

    Provider Name: The provider name is similar to the author in Apple Podcasts. It is searchable in the Stitcher directory, and all your shows submitted to Stitcher under the same account will be found and all under this provider name. If you are part of a network or an organization of shows, that should become your provider name.

    Also provide the e-mail address you wish to associate the show with, and enter a selected password. Once the form is completed, hit continue.

    Next, you will be asked for contact details and to approve the terms of service allowing you access to Stitcher’s Content Portal.

    Account Details

    Be sure to provide your name, website URL, and address information (phone is not required). Check that you agree to their terms of service and hit Agree.

    Stitcher will then ask you for additional details about your show including your show title, feed URL, language, category, and other details

    Stitcher Feed Details

    You can obtain your RSS feed URL from your Destinations page in your Libsyn show.

    Below the feed details is a terms of service (again). Check the box that you approve the terms of service and hit Continue.

    Stitcher Terms of Use

    You will be provided with a confirmation screen that will show you some basics of what you have entered. Hit Submit Application to finalize your submission.

    Stitcher Submit Application

    Stitcher will confirm that you’ve submitted the application.

    Stitcher Application Submission Confirmation

    Stitcher will e-mail you confirmation of your application, and then again to let you know if you have been approved into their directory.

    Have additional questions? If you are having issues with your submission, reach out to Stitcher directly. If you need assistance with your Libsyn feed, reach out to our support staff at


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