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    You can now connect your Libsyn show to Tumblr so that any new episode you release in Libsyn will automatically create a blog post with a media player on your Tumblr site. Setting up is easy.

    Start by logging into your Libsyn account as you normally would, then click on and Add New.

    Add Destination

    From here, select to add Tumblr to your show.

    Add Tumblr Destination

    The first thing you will be asked to do is log into your Tumblr account, hit the log in button.

    Log In With Tumblr


    You will be redirected out to Tumblr and asked to log in.

    Log into Tumblr

    Once logged in, approve the app request so that Libsyn can generate posts on your behalf on your Tumblr page.

    Accept Permissions

    You will be redirected back to the Libsyn page to customize how Libsyn interacts with Tumblr. If you have more than one blog on Tumblr, you will be asked which blog you want to post to.

    Choose Tumblr Blog

    Next, you will configure the player. You can determine if you want the player to appear above or below the text in the blog post, as well as the size of the player and what player skin you want. If you want to learn more about the player and it’s options, check out this KB article.

    Enable Player

    Player Settings

    Finally, you can configure the link text, link URL, and Tumblr tags…

    Other Settings

    Link Text

    At the bottom of every post will be a URL to the episode (more on that in a minute). You can configure the text of what the link says, such as ‘Click here to download the episode’ or ‘Check out this episode!’. Whatever you want, enter here.

    Tumblr Tags

    Tumblr supports tagging posts to make searching posts later easier. This is akin to categorizing posts. Some blogs allow for a ‘tag cloud’ or a ‘tag list’ to make it easier to sort by topic. You can set what tags you want for each post we generate on your behalf here, by entering the tags you want associated with each post we sent to Tumblr.

    Link to episodes using Libsyn Directory

    Libsyn offers a podcast directory which connects up with Facebook. When browsing and listening or watching episodes using the directory, if a listener is logged into Facebook then the fact that an episode was listened to will be displayed in the timeline.

    Other than that, the directory is a website with a built in player that makes podcast discovery easy. By checking this box, the link that you configure with that link text will point to the episode in the Libsyn podcast directory. If you uncheck this box, the link will point to the file download URL so that listeners can download the episode for offline listening.

    Your publishing workflow doesn’t change, you would release episodes as you normally do and we will release your episode out to Tumblr. For details on publishing, check out this tutorial here.

    Example Post on Tumblr


    Have questions? Contact our support team at support@libsynsupport.com.

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