Understanding the Feed Sync

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    The feed sync is used primarily for two purposes.

    1. Pulling content in from an external source using  third party RSS feed. This can be used in order to maintain a sync between that third party and your Libsyn hosted show.
    2. *Migrating content from a third party to Libsyn, such as during a show migration from host to host.

    *Note: If migrating from another host, please contact [email protected] first. The team will verify and validate your third party feed and your existing show settings and ensure storage is adjusted appropriately for the import. There may be an additional fee for imports.

    Access your feed sync settings by hovering over Settings and selecting Show Settings.

    Show Settings

    On the left hand side, select Sync/Import Feed. Check the box to enable the sync options.

    Enabling Feed Sync

    Additional options will open allowing you to configure your feed sync.

    Syncing an RSS Feed

    Source Feed Address: Enter the feed URL to the third party feed you wish to pull content from. Note: Do NOT enter your Libsyn feed URL in this box.

    Ignore Changes to Show Metadata: With this box unchecked, any metadata (titles, descriptions, artwork) will update from your source feed. With this box checked, metadata will not update with the feed sync. Only new content will be brought in.

    Delete Items Not Found In Feed: This feature is designed to allow for a near exact parity between the source RSS feed and your Libsyn show. Any items inside your Libsyn show that are not in the source feed will be deleted from the Libsyn show.

    Saving your changes will enable the feed sync which will run routinely until the sync is removed.

    Have additional questions? Reach out to our friendly support staff at [email protected]

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