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    You upload all kinds of files to your account to support your show from the obvious audio or video file to images, pdf files, and other supporting content you provide to your listeners. If you ever need to delete one of those files, we provide an easy way to do so using the file manager.

    The file manager is found under Content –> file Manager from your Libsyn 4 Dashboard. The manager looks like this:


    The file manager will provide the file name, the size of the file, whether the file is archived or not, and the date it was uploaded/created. It also provides you with three buttons, DetailsOpen, and Delete.

    The Details button will give you all the technical details we can provide on a file.


    The Open button will open the file in a new browser tab.

    Last up is delete. This option deserves a little extra attention. Generally speaking, deleting a file will do just that, delete a file…


    If, however, that file is attached to an episode and you delete the file under file manager, you will break your episode. The system will warn you if that is the case so you know to either proceed because you really want to delete that file, or pause and go check the episode before going forward.


    It is also important to note when looking at the file manager that different images and other files may be created on your account that you didn’t necessarily upload. For example, you might upload an episode thumbnail and our system may create additional sizes of that image, which you will see in your file list. You are free to delete them if you wish, the system won’t let you delete something it can’t do without. However, depending on the file (such as a specific image necessary for the app), you may find the image simply gets automatically created. Don’t be alarmed, just be aware.

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