What Is Headliner?

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    Headliner.app is a great and fun way to create awesome video clips from your podcast episodes, giving a whole new dimension to your promotion for your show.

    Libsyn and Headliner are now integrated, in that you can select any audio episode (MP3 or M4A) published as an episode in Libsyn and send it to the Headliner system, including your artwork. This will allow you to generate a video clip with wave bars, progress bars, transcription captioning, and other cool additions to make your clip really pop.

    Once you’ve created your video clip, you can either download the video file or distribute it to popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more straight from Headliner.

    Video on social is a big visual point, and adding transcribed captions can help those who have their audio off. It can help drive attention and excitement to your show, and gives your audience something fun they can then share as well.

    Want to learn more about creating video clips from your audio episodes? Check out our tutorial here.

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